MFI Solarc Head light - Model 49522
49500TW Solarc ight Source

MFI Solarc Headlight System

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Product Description

Welch Allyn MFI Solarc® Headlight System – Easy to wear. Hard to wear out

- Xenon color at a halogen price Halogen headlights offer yellow, less intense illumination. S-olarc delivers the pure white light needed to make precise tissue color identifications

- Multiconnection turret for S-olarc light source – The S-olarc light source is also available with a multiconnection turret that lets you plug in most Storz, Olympus, Wolf, and ACMI fiber optic bundles.

- Added adjustments for better comfort Fine tune the two ratchet adjustment systems until the soft, flexible headpiece fits just right.

- Our triple-shielded fiber optic bundle comes with an ironclad guarantee – We’re positive our patented interface and triple-shielding will protect the glass fibers from breaking. So positive, in fact, that we’re making this exclusive Ironclad Guarantee. Our MFI fiber optic bundle will maintain 90% of original transmission capacity throughout the first 18 months of use or we’ll replace it. Free of charge.

- Spot adjustment from 20mm to 75mm at 16″ operating distance

- Luminaire improves your view Precision optics are securely aligned in a lightweight alloy luminaire body.

- Sleek design complements any setting

- Manual dimmer provides control of light output from 0% to 100%

Welch Allyn MFI S-olarc Headlight

49520 MFI S-olarc Headlight System (light source, 8’ fiber bundle, headband/luminaire)
49520TW MFI S-olarc Headlight System with Turret (accepts: Wolf, ACMI, Storz, Olympus)
49525 MFI S-olarc Headlight System, International Power Cord (specify country)
49500 MFI S-olarc Light Source only
49500TW MFI S-olarc Light Source with Turret (accepts: Wolf, ACMI, Storz, Olympus)

49505 S-olarc Light Source only, International Power Cord (specify country)
49540 MFI Headband/Luminaire
49541 Bifurcated Fiber Optic Bundle, 10’
49543 Bifurcated Fiber Optic Bundle, 8’
49550 MFI S-olarc Mobile Stand
09500-U MFI S-olarc Replacement Lamp

Make: Welch Allyn Inc., USA


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